Who Needs Vocal Tubes?

If you are a: singer, public speaker, teacher, presenter, actor, voice over artist or performer who uses their voice in a professional capacity...Vocal Tubes are ESSENTIAL for your vocal care, vocal conditioning and vocal development. Vocal Tubes (Water resistant voice training) is an amazing tried and tested method that helps the professional voice user to build a strong and resilient voice and achieve excellent vocal health, stamina and competence when used as part of a consistent vocal regimen.

Use this tool in the day time or at night without causing disturbance. Whether using it simply for vocal load ‘relief’ or as part of a serious voice training & development routine, Vocal Tubes is the most important vocal tool You’ll ever purchase!

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Always have the right vocal training/therapy tool at your fingertips so you can maintain a strong, balanced, energised and 'Fatigue Free' voice especially during BUSY and DEMANDING seasons.

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Do you feel like your voice is consistently exhibiting one or more of these symptoms?...

Tiredness, Fatigue, Stiffness, Tension Inflexibility, lack of Coordination,
Tightness, a Lack of control, lacking depth in your sound, Loss of
Range & vocal energy, lack of Freedom and an unclear or rough tone?

Have you started to settle for the idea that you just have to put up with the voice that you have because there's nothing you can do to enhance or develop it?  
All this can make trying to build a strong and resilient voice and achieve excellent vocal conditioning, stamina and competence a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution!

Water resistant voice training using Vocal Tubes can give you the following benefits :

The No.1 Vocal training & warm-up/cool-down routine that will make your voice shine
….Hands Down!

Sing with more efficiency and ease, reduce vocal fatigue and Create sound without excessive force using water resistant voice training!

Develop effortless singing by intuitive learning!

Your vocal folds FEEL GREAT and build unique independent strength so that your voice can achieve more!

Your voice will gain more acoustic power without strain!

Great for developing effortless, powerful singing, especially on those high belt “MONEY” notes!

Develop the “Singer's Formant” the natural, subtle power of resonance is awakened in your voice instantly!

You can develop powerful and dynamic singing without disturbing anyone!

Access balanced and controlled laryngeal coordination, that enables your singing/speaking to be effortless and controlled in a matter of minutes!

Develop more stamina in your speaking voice. Speak and communicate for longer without losing your voice!

Swift rescue and recovery for your voice, dramatically reduce unwanted tension in the larynx.

Feel your voice become re-energised and “un-tired” …FAST!

Eliminate your bad singing habits and naturally learn good habits using the Vocal Tubes tutorials!

Encourages efficient & balanced breathing for singing!

BE PART of THE vocal solution that is successful across hundreds of thousands of different voices across the WORLD!

Used by medical professionals and backed by hard scientific research to prove its effectiveness and noticeable benefits!

You can also benefit from its therapeutic effects as prescribed by your E.N.T, Laryngologist or (SLT) speech and language therapist. Vocal Tubes is the recommend size tube for strategic voice rehabilitation.*

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How Does it Work?
The Science Bit!

As you blow through the Vocal Tube air is also coming back towards the vocal folds because of the resistance of the water. This air that flows back (inertance) creates  something of a 'forcefield of air' around the vocal folds helping them to vibrate more freely and to open and close with less undesirable muscular effort and with more efficiency = minimum input for maxim output!

Using Vocal Tubes can promote healthy Vocology. Simply put, Vocology is the re-habilitation and habilitation of the voice.

Vocal Tubes Amazing Features!

OUTSTANDING! you get 2x medical grade silicone, sustainable, reusable and eco friendly Vocal Tubes.Can be done anytime of the day or night without disturbing neighbours or flat mates and comes with a spare… so why not share!  

* GETS THE JOB DONE! Protective Satin bag for safe keeping and a wash brush for extra cleanliness ensures you can easily clean your tools, and minimise any possibility of grime and dirt - With Ease

* AMAZING! Ergonomic tube design (35cm length and 13mm diameter), medically ideal for both therapy/recovery and voice training conditioning! Use it with various options to suit your own vocal needs easily!

* NO-NONSENSE! Easy to follow instructions on the website helps you to see exactly which tool to use with each voice type and gender of voice which means you always use the right tool for your vocal needs like a pro.

Warm up and cool down in public with more confidence!

If you REALLY care about your voice, get Vocal Tubes today and start to use it as prescribed in the video tutorials, YOUR VOICE WILL LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

Can benefit you at ANY level of ability, useful if you are a teacher, public speaker, singer, performer or just going through therapy and vocal rehabilitation as prescribed by a medical professional.

Can be used to practice at night, give you more confidence to practice in public areas like back stage or in front of your team leading up to a gig without feeling self conscious or embarrassed about warming up or practicing.

Keep all your training exercises and routines in one convenient place which means no matter where you are, you can take care of your voice therapy or training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use hot water?
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How long does the Vocal Tube last for?

YOU ARE JUST 1 CLICK AWAY FROM VOCAL SUCCESS! It's time to make your choice: If you NEED vocal rescue and recovery, If YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR VOCAL COMPETENCE & CONFIDENCE, then
you need Vocal Tubes!

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Disclaimer:  Vocal Tubes are not a cure for serious vocal pathologies, but can be part of the process of treatment if prescribed by the appropriate medical professional. Please always consult your medical professional if you have major concerns about your voice or if you are experiencing issues with your voice that are persistent over time (longer than a week) or that seem to limit/hinder the normal capabilities of your voice.

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