What's included in the kit

NOT JUST 1 but 2X HIGH QUALITY medical grade Silicone VOCAL TUBES® INDIVIDUALLY SEALED ! Ergonomic VOCAL TUBES® design optimised size for Vocal health and Vocal training/conditioning.

A protective Satin bag designed specifically to keep your VOCAL TUBES® clean from dirt and grime whilst you are moving around keeping up with your demands.

A wash brush for extra cleanliness and good hygiene

An instructional leaflet

A resource website of VOCAL TUBES® exercises designed for Female and Male voices. Use these online video exercises to keep your voice: warmed up, cooled down or use the therapeutic exercises for vocal relief and rescue or equally use the advanced exercises to give your voice an amazing work-out all from the convenience of your smart device, laptop or home computer!

Disclaimer:  Vocal Tubes are not a cure for serious vocal pathologies, but can be part of the process of treatment if prescribed by the appropriate medical professional. Please always consult your medical professional if you have major concerns about your voice or if you are experiencing issues with your voice that are persistent over time (longer than a week) or that seem to limit/hinder the normal capabilities of your voice.

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